Wholesale Enquiries

Flexible Bulk Purchasing Options

Our huge range of over 100 individual items and flexibility to create gift boxes with any combination of products to suit your customers makes us an ideal partner for your retail business.


To buy bulk chocolate at wholesale prices, simply register on this page. As soon as your registration is approved you will be able to simply and quickly order online at any time with bulk discounts automatically applied as follows:


30% discount on orders over £200

35% discount on orders over £500

40% discount on orders over £1000

45% discount on orders over £2500

50% discount on orders over £5000


For faster ordering without having to visit every individual product page, use our Quick Order Page just here.


After you have placed an order, you will have a fast re-order option available on your account page, allowing you to instantly re-load any previous order, amend it if necessary and order again quickly and easily.



If you would like any further information, please contact us:


Email: [email protected]