Welcome to our magical world of chocolate wonders.

We’re a (really) small business, run and owned by just two people.


Step behind the scenes and let us tell you a few things about our Amazing Chocolate Workshop, but first let us introduce ourselves…


Meet Mo (the one on the right) and Ed (the other one). We set up the business in early 2014, selling our chocolate at some small craft events and markets.


Since then we’ve expanded our range and beefed up our stand and are regularly on the road taking our crazy chocolate all over the country.


We love the reaction our chocolate gets when people see it for the first time. It constantly spurs us on to keep adding new amazing creations to our range, so we can keep on surprising people every time they see us.


To begin with, this whole chocolate thing was a hobby for us both as we each had other jobs. When we decided to take the plunge and commit to it full time, we decided on three main principles to run the business by. They are:


Looks aren’t everything you know. Not only does our chocolate look amazing, we’re really obsessive about the quality so we use truly top-notch ingredients to make our amazing creations.

Our cocoa beans are carefully sourced and chosen for their naturally creamy, indulgent flavour, making our chocolate pieces truly special both to look at and to taste.


Our mission is to take the boundaries of chocolate to a whole new level – creating a world of mesmerising, mind-boggling oddities that fill people with joy.

We love experimenting with new techniques and ideas; reinventing the art and science behind chocolate making in the process and making food that genuinely surprises and delights.


Being independent gives us the flexibility to come up with amazing new creations and the freedom to stick to our values and never compromise on the quality of our products.

We’re not interested in corporate conglomerates and fancy franchises. All we care about is weird looking chocolate.


So, you’d like to learn the mysterious art behind our brain-melting oddities?
Without spilling the cocoa beans on exactly how it’s done, here’s a sneak peek:

A typical beginning

There’s no whizzy machinery involved in the process, in fact the majority of our craft involves traditional chocolate-making methods.

Every item is individually hand-made, starting with some rather special cocoa beans.

The top secret middle bit…

We think our chocolate’s a little bit magical, and any magician worth their salt never reveals the secrets behind their tricks… sorry guys.

Hand-applying the finishing touches

Whether it’s rusty old tools or nice shiny keys, the final finish really helps to give the chocolate its eye-catching appearance, which is why every individual piece is finished by hand. Painstaking, yes, but we think it’s worth it.


We like to display our delightful creations at every possible opportunity. Look out for us in your local area.

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